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Thrill-seekers get a rush with Extreme Scene

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Attention: thrill-seekers

Xtra interviews Gavin Pfister from Extreme Scene Tours who are the top choice for local & international thrill-seekers in the Western Cape.

When Gavin Pfister’s professional rugby career came to an end after playing at Currie Cup level in South Africa and at premiership and Celtic league level in the UK, there was never any doubt he would return to Cape Town.

As a lifelong adrenaline junkie, it was a logical progression to follow his passion and start an adventure tours company.

In 2009, he opened Extreme Scene Tours and together with his right-hand lady Lauren, they have become a top choice for local & international thrill-seekers in the Western Cape.

Xtra: What makes Extreme Scene unique?
Gavin: We are unique because we are a small team. We are both local, with a passion for the place that we live in and the desire to show guests this by means of extreme activities. We are also both very hands on with all of our clients bookings (from start to finish).

X: Of your achievements as a business, what are you most proud of?
G: I am very proud of the fact that we have become a top agent in a relatively short space of time and in a very competitive market.

X: What kind of person does it take to work in your field?
G: A person that is passionate about the area that they are working in, the outdoors and most of all people! You have to be able to communicate effectively with people across the globe.

Thrill-seekers get a rush with Extreme SceneX: Would you say your business has a definite target market?
G: Yes and no. You will always find in this industry, that your age group is relatively young. As extreme sports and activities are becoming more visible, we are looking at clients across the board.

X: What are the most popular activities/ tours facilitate?
G: We have a “big 6?, which are: Shark Cage Diving, Tandem Skydiving, Tandem Paragliding, Helicopter flights, Quad Biking and Sand Boarding.

X: What kind of experience do you hope to give your clients?
G: We hope to give them huge amounts of adrenalin and the feeling of achieving the impossible – all while knowing their safety is a priority.

Thrill-seekers get a rush with Extreme SceneX: What are some of the challenges you/ your business faces currently/ daily?
G: One of the biggest challenges is the weather in Cape Town! We have to be up to date with the forecast all day every day. This is to ensure that all our clients are able to complete the activities that they have booked. There is nothing more frustrating than having to let someone down because of the weather. This is also, however where we show our strength as a business. 90 percent of the time we manage to reschedule our client’s tours before it is too late.

X: What do you enjoy most about your job?
G: The huge smiles of the clients that have just completed an activity that they were certain that they would not be able to go through with. Making people happy is a worth every second!


Thrill-seekers get a rush with Extreme Scene

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